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Chris Gooding has cemented his status as one of House music’s next big things. The Houston native’s meteoric rise has been fueled by high octane productions and adrenaline fueled performances across his home state. Now, with the release of his most thrilling material to date, he is on the brink of becoming a household name.


Chris’s major breakthrough came with the single ‘Come To The Back’ ft. Witcher and DC. The track skyrocketed to the top of Soundcloud’s charts, reaching #1 on the New & Hot Charts, and peaking at #3 overall. Its runaway success led to a high profile appearance at the Sundream Festival in Lubbock, TX, starting a wave of momentum that Chris continues to ride to this day. In addition to endearing himself to a national audience, Chris has earned praise from prominent talents including Ian Longo, Mick Willow, and ENDOR, just to name a few.


The latest in a long line of ground breaking artists to emerge from the Houston area, Chris’s impact on the scene has been immediate, and his story is just getting started. With a steady stream of live performances and new content expected in 2022 and beyond, Chris is poised to leave a lasting legacy in the electronic music world.

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